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Engaging Science Tools #2

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About this course

The European project ENGAGE is part of the “Science in Society” for promoting Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI), which provides curriculum materials to get students talk and think in socio-scientific issues that impact in their life and the planet as a whole. In order to maximise student achievement, ENGAGE online courses aims to help teachers:

  • 1. Address contemporary science issues and applications relevant to students.
  • 2. Develop beliefs, knowledge and classroom practice for ‘rri’.
  • 3. Expand their online community built around science-in-the-news and curriculum materials.

This course focuses on socio-scientific issues through Dilemma, Group Discussion, Problem-Solving and Conversation. Participants will learn:

  • Using dilemmas for students to engage, think and talk on socio-scientific issues
  • Setting up effective group discussions for learners to apply knowledge and skills
  • Preparing students through conversations for them to build scientific reasoning
  • Planning problem-based lessons with argumentative conversation for RRI/enquiry skills
  • Experiencing collaborative planning and reflective implementation of ENGAGE PROJECT EXTERMINATE.

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Course Staff

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Alexandra Okada - Open University

Ale Okada is an educational technologist and interdisciplinary researcher at the Open University UK. She is passionate about educational technology in Science and advises classroom teachers on the effective integration and evaluation of learning technology. She also participated in the UPd8 team for 10 years, creating learning objects and interactive content. Currently she is coordinating the research team of the ENGAGE online courses.

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Ana Karine Loula Torres Rocha - Formative Education

I am a lecturer at the University in the State of Bahia in Brazil; I work in a semi-arid region with many cases of ZIKA. I am interested in Responsible Research adn Innovation applied to Secondary Education. I also work with teachers' continual professional development in Brazil. I would like to investigate strategies to foster global vision on relevant societal issues in the curriculum .

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  2. Classes Start

    Dec 01, 2016
  3. Classes End

    Apr 30, 2017
  4. Estimated Effort

    2 hours a week